Amine Badr


Amine came from an interesting family. His grandfather was a Shakespearean scholar, an expert in Old Master paintings, and an art dealer. His grandmother was an original member of the renowned Bluebell Girls at the Folie Bergère in Paris. His mother who lived in the UK, went to study in Germany where she met his father. Amine was born in Ireland, and lived in Germany and France. 

He became very inspired by the nature and history of the different cultures he visited and lived in.

In 2002 Amine moved to Paris, he tried his hand in many trades, but always seemed to fin himself coming back to his paint brushes ans canvases, so he enrolled at the Atelier des Beaus Arts. His passion was solidified and his love for art, along with his skill and technique, began to flourish. In 2016 Amine moved his career to the United States where his decided lay his roots. he now lives in Atlanta where he continues to explore, create and grow as an artist.

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